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Reiki, the history


Everyone knows the story of the twins who feel each other when they are thousands of miles away. Not only twins, but all life is connected. It’s connected by the life energy.

You can feel that energy in every living thing. It vitalises our body and we also can support others with it. This supreme force develops and sustains life in any form we know.

You can feel it in the sun, wind, rain, fire and in the woods or mountains; in fact it is nature it self.

For thousands of years this energy has been used in all kinds of cultures. In India it is called Prana, in China Chi and in Japan Ki. Through the ages a lot of the knowledge of the natural healing methods has been lost.


About a hundred years ago a Japanese researcher, Dr. Mikao Usui, studied the way Jesus Christ and Buddha cured people by hands-on healing. He discovered symbols in 2500 years old Buddhist sutras. After many years of studying and working in the slums of Tokyo he had developed the Usui System of Natural Healing, which he called Reiki. ‘Rei’ means universal and ‘Ki’ means life-energy.

Now Reiki has been spread all over the world by hundreds of Reiki-masters.



How does it work?


In earlier days healing by laying on of hands was very common. Today people often use it without being aware of it. If a child falls on its knee, you give comfort by laying your hand on the knee and by giving a kiss on it. If someone is sad you comfort him by rubbing his back. What you are doing is giving warmth, rest, attention and love.


In our modern time with its hectic way of life you do not have enough time for your fears and emotions. Moreover you not dare to ask others for their warmth and love. Mostly unaware, you are hiding your tensions and you are not listening to the signals your body gives you. Blockades rise and they will in the end turn to illnesses.


Reiki gives the warmth and love everyone needs. The energy of Reiki relaxes your body and dissolves the tension and blockades. So the life-energy can flow through your body again and you feel more healthy, balanced and complete. In the long run you will feel more connected with the world around you.


The Usui System of Reiki Healing is an effective way to transfer the universal life-energy to oneself and to others by simply laying your hands on the body. It has proved to be very beneficial for those suffering physical and mental illnesses. 

Everybody is able to learn and work with Reiki. Reiki is always positive, not a religion and can be used besides to regular health care.




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