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The training


Reiki knows the Level 1 and 2 and the Master Level. The Reiki 1 training is given to a group of people during one weekend or at four evenings.

You are taught the history and concepts of the Usui System of Natural Healing. You will participate in four sacred initiations, which re-open your channels and make it easier for you to connect with the life-energy. You are instructed in the hand positions and you will receive information and insights about treatments and energy movements.


After the course it is important to practice in order to get more experience, so you can grow.


The Reiki-1 course costs € 160 and is given in one weekend at my place in Amsterdam for a small group (4-6 persons).

The classes can always be multilingual or on request in English or German.

You can apply by phone or e-mail. I will tell you if there is place and ask you to deposit a registration fee of  € 25. 


The course is about touching and being touched, literally as well as figuratively spoken. Motivation and openness are important. You also need some time to practice in the weeks after the course.


There is also a possibility to visit the free ‘Praktijkavonden’. On these evenings former students exchange Reiki on each other and on new people who are interested. And of course you can ask questions about Reiki too.

If come from another master, you are welcome too. And when you like it with us, I will ask you to do the first degree class again, so that we get acquainted. The costs are € 60 for the weekend.


The Reiki 2 level is an individual training which enlarges your power further. You will participate in another initiatory ceremony. You are taught to work with three symbols, which can be used for sending a distant treatment and to support people with mental, spiritual and emotional problems.


See for the dates the Agenda.


For more information you can e-mail me: Info[at]Reikiman.nl

or phone +31-(0)20-4197748


Due to family circumstances there are at the moment no treatments, courses or practice nights.




Gerard Kogelman

Usui master